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Sexual Wellness

Sexuality plays a significant role in your identity and life. It is an essential component of health and overall wellness. Sexual issues can lead to anxiety, frustrations, and other health concerns. Sadly, many men and women are afraid to ask for help because of embarrassment or confusion about where to seek advice.

At LMG Wellness, your sexual concerns are treated with respect and dignity. You never have to feel shame. We are here to make you feel comfortable and heard. We are here to help you regain the joy of sex and intimacy through a variety of treatments and therapies.

For Men

Erectile Enhancement and Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Dr. David Horvath offers many treatments and modalities for erectile enhancement and for erectile dysfunction. He is here to answer your questions and concerns while providing you the very best care based on your own individual needs.

Erectile dysfunction can affect men of all ages and in various stages of life. The inability to achieve or sustain an erection causes anxiety, frustration, and feelings of low self esteem. LMG Wellness focuses on medical treatments that treat the whole person as well as their symptoms. We create customized treatments utilizing scientifically superior equipment to treat those struggling with erectile dysfunction. These same treatments can also be used to enhance male erections. Whatever your concerns or worries, we have the right treatment for you!

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


ALMA DUO uses low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) where it delivered pulses at specific intervals in order to stimulate blood flow to organs including the penis. This gold-standard technology can give you back spontaneity in your sex life. It is a non-invasive therapy that harnesses acoustic waves that pass through tissues by stimulating better blood flow and restoring your natural performance. Li-ESWT has successfully improved other medical conditions such as ischemic heart disease, burn injuries, bone fractures, and wounded tendons.


Orgasm Enhancement for Women

Many factors can contribute to female sexual dysfunction. If you experience delayed orgasms or difficulty reaching an orgasm after sufficient arousal and stimulation you may have an orgasmic disorder. Inability to achieve an orgasm can hamper your quality of life. LMG Wellness is here to help! We offer many solutions and treatments for women struggling to achieve orgasm as well as those who wish to enhance their orgasms.

Female Orgasm Enhancement


Orgasm enhancement with ALMA DUO doesn’t involve pills, injections, or invasive procedures that may or may not improve sexual function. It uses low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) to push your body to heal the area through natural growth factors. This treatment may help if you regularly struggle to orgasm.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment For Sexual Health

PRP Therapy uses your own blood to rejuvenate your sexual organs. PRP can restore and rejuvenate the sensation of sexual organs, the penis, the clitoris, and the vagina by using your own unique and concentrated growth factors.PRP is a safe, clinically proven, virtually painless, and effective procedure. LMG Wellness offers PRP injections to our sexual health patients seeking treatment for a disorder as well as sexual enhancement.

PRP and Sexual Health: How does it work?

A highly advanced, FDA approved centrifuge is used to obtain a high concentration of platelets from the patient’s unique blood components. Once your blood is processed, the platelets are collected and injected. 

Male PRP Therapy utilizes blood collected from your vein. It is activated and then injected virtually painlessly into the penis.

Female PRP Therapy utilizes activated blood that is injected into the clitoris and G spot after they are numbed. 

The ability to enjoy sex is one of the key aspects of life. You no longer have to feel frustrated or embarrassed. At LMG Wellness, treatments for sexual health, including the O-Shot®, G-Shot®, and P-Shot®, offer a variety of benefits for sexual health concerns including:

Questions and Answers

How do you determine which treatment is right for me?

After a thorough review of your medical history and full consultation, Dr. David Horvath will create a customized treatment plan based on your individual concerns and goals. He may recommend either one or multiple treatments depending on your needs.

Why should I choose Dr. Horvath at LMG Wellness?

Dr. David Horvath is a board certified plastic surgeon and a member of the International Society of Sexual Health. At first impression, you will discover he is easy to relate to and will make you feel comfortable. He is also uniquely qualified to combine his knowledge of surgical anatomy and traditional medicine together with cutting edge research that includes new device technologies, hormone therapy, growth factors, dietary supplements, peptides, and naturopathic medicine to obtain the most complete and successful scientifically proven treatment programs.

I’m nervous about potential pain during treatment. How do you keep patients comfortable?

Your comfort comes first! We offer a variety of ways to keep our treatments virtually PAIN FREE and comfortable.

What are some common supplements I can utilize to enhance my sex life today?

 There are many natural ways to improve your sexual health. Some supplements can improve the production and availability of your own body’s hormones. Dr. David Horvath will provide a list of helpful vitamins, minerals and supplements and will first be sure you have no health restrictions so they are right for you.

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