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Meet our Medical Director

David Horvath, M.D.

Dr. David Horvath has successfully developed a Plastic Surgery practice at both the Cleveland Clinic and in Philadelphia prior to joining LMG. Throughout his career he has learned that the way patients feel physically and mentally influences the way they enjoy life, socially interact, and perform. As a new chapter in his career, he now brings his trusted reputation of excellence in patient outcomes to serve as Medical Director of both LMG Wellness and LMG Cosmetics. By applying proven scientific methods, current literature and cutting-edge technology to the aesthetics and wellness industries, he will maintain LMG’s high standard of care. “The most important outcome is patient satisfaction, and our goal is to ensure that our clients look, feel and perform at their best.”

In addition to his Medical Director role for LMG Wellness, Dr. Horvath will also serve as the lead provider of all sexual health, hormone therapy, and men’s recovery and performance services. Dr. Horvath is uniquely qualified to combine his knowledge of surgical anatomy and traditional medicine together with cutting edge research that includes new device technologies, hormone therapy, growth factors, dietary supplements, and naturopathic medicine to obtain the most complete and successful scientifically proven treatment programs.

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