Kimberly Severson

Advanced Certified Weight Loss & Mindset Coach

Life Coach

Weight loss shouldn’t get in the way of enjoying your life and the food you love. Your mindset and connection to your body can help you lose weight, through a restriction-free approach.

Kimberly Severson is an Advanced Certified Weight Loss & Mindset Coach and host of the “Weight Loss Doesn’t Have to Suck” podcast.

As a true foodie and former Chef & Sommelier, she believes that sustainable, permanent weight loss cannot include starvation, suffering, or missing out on life.  Instead Kimberly teaches her clients how to lose weight through a restriction-free approach; using mindset work and connection to your body to permanently end overeating, emotional eating, and self-sabotage.

More About Kimberly

Like most women, Kimberly tried every diet under the sun, but couldn’t stand feeling hangry, eating bland, boring diet food, and endless tracking calories and points.  She finally lost 35lbs in 2019, and has kept it off with ease ever since! She learned to stop the restriction and yo-yo dieting and instead lose weight in a truly doable, realistic way.  After earning multiple Life Coaching and Weight Loss Coaching certifications, she now helps her clients do the same.

Kimberly is honored to help her clients find freedom from chronic dieting, enjoy total peace and control around food, and lose weight permanently without all the struggle and sacrifice.  

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