Dr. Barbara L. Katz

Certified Life, Weight Loss and Self Hypnosis Coach

I am dedicated to helping women lose weight for the last time, decrease anxiety, improve relationships, and achieve goals.

Dr. Barbara Katz began coaching others when she lost over 40 pounds in her 60s. She became certified to help and inspire other women lose weight while they continue to eat the foods they love.  She recently became certified as an Integrative Hypnotist to help women expedite their changes in a positive, proactive way. 

More about Dr. Katz

Dr. Barbara L Katz is a retired physician, a certified life coach, an advanced certified weight loss coach, and is certified in Integrative Hypnosis. She teaches women how to lose weight while living their desired lifestyles.

In addition to weight loss coaching, she also coaches women about decreasing anxiety, changing habits, achieving goals, improving relationships, and managing time.  As a long-time pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist, she also has many years of experience helping with behavior problems in children and adolescents.

She has 2 children who are also physicians and 3 grandchildren. She is a long-time dog lover and performance enthusiast. She participates in competitive obedience and agility and makes therapy dog visits to local hospitals and schools in her free time.

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